Asbury Center

August 12, 2003 (Revised July 1 2008)

There is no charge for church sponsored events or activities.


Birthdays and Anniversaries

                Church Members – Donation of $50

                Non-members – Donation of $100 (2 hr. limit - $50 for each additional hour.)

 All other uses

                Church Members – Donation of $50

     Non-members – Donation of $100 (2 hr. limit - $50 for each additional hour.)

                 It is to be noted that the Building Reservation Form shall be completed and submitted for approval to the church office in advance of use.  A Committee on building use, composed of the Chairperson of the Trustees, Chairperson of Buildings and Grounds Committee, and Senior Pastor shall be authorized to make decisions on requests for building and furniture use not covered by these policies.

Use of the Asbury Center by groups, organizations or individuals, that are not sponsored by Asbury United Methodist Church, are responsible for liability and must have a Certificate of Insurance covering the event, minimum coverage of $300,000 personal liability each occurrence and $5,000 medical payments each occurrence, before use of the building is permitted. 

The Asbury United Methodist Church, representatives, or officers are not responsible for liability claims which may arise due to participation in activities held in Church facilities by these groups.

The above requester is responsible for turning off the lights and locking all doors before leaving facility, and for any repairs due to damage. 

                Use of the church facilities by individuals or groups, for profit, is prohibited. All donations for use of the buildings shall be made out to Asbury UMC.

The following steps should be followed to reserve the Asbury Center:

Review the   Calendar of Events being held in the Asbury Center to ascertain the dates you require are available. View Asbury Center Calendar

Complete the Building Reservation Email Form  and Email your request to use Asbury Center


Print a Building Reservation form to use the Asbury Center.   Complete the form and deliver to the church office. Print Request Form