This page is dedicated to those whom we love and who have gone to be with Jesus. It is not often that you will see this kind of information on a Church Website. We feel it is important, however, to honor, respect and remember our loved ones and their lives.

Local News Papers and Funeral Homes Links

John F. Snow

Frances Marie Dailey Vickers

Walter David "Dave" Pershing, Jr

Pauline S. Alt
Regina Anne Andagan
William Brent Anders
William G. "Bill" Anders

Harry G. Barker

Margaret Malone Barker
Herald Hart Bennett
Eric Philip Blank
Daniel H. Breeden
Gaius "Brownie" Brown

Preston E. Brown
Carolyn M. Boyce
Virginia Louise Boyd
Charlotte Bufton
Robert L Burrows, Jr.

Patricia Diana Kelly Bush
George "Sonny" Carroll
Reverend James Chambly, Jr.
James Roberts Clendening

Paul B. Clendening
Donald Cline
D. Wayne Cline

Ora Ward Cooper
Lucy Coulter
Helen Arvin Dailey

James Stephen Dailey
Roger H Dailey, Jr
Gail D. Dalgarn
John Gilmore Davis
Patricia Ann Weathers Davis
Bobbie R Derrickson
Charles Milton Devolites
Mark Barker Diehl
Amy Watson Dillow
Marcus Avery Earp, III
Betty M Emmert
John E, Ennert
Douglas "Doug" Clayton Fargo
Russel E. Fowler
Mary Louise Feltner
Josephine V. Fridinger
Charlotte V. Fritts
Raymond Galanos
Charlotte V. Gano
Terry E. Gano
Helen Clark Geary
Maxine Alta Gettler
Carl Hall
Alexander David "Dave"  Hamill

Esther Dailey Hehle
Charles Henry Hine II

John D. Hoffmaster

John Holliday

Ethel W. Howell

Sarah W. Humston
Helen Marie Hummer
Mary Elinor Peters Huyett
Brendan Scott Irving
Robert Gregory Johnson
Hilda V. Kable
Anise L. Kelly
Olive Nelle Lance

Charles R. Lilly
Janice LaVerne Lilly
Edna Rice Lutman
Mary M. Lyons
Frank "Frankie" Macomber
Benjamin F. Magaha, Jr.
Clara J. Magaha
Carolyn Broyles Marshall

Elizabeth I. "Libby" Myers
Katherine Watson Moler
Louise Ramey Moler
Perry W. Moler
Velma D. Moler
Frederick "Sam" Ronald Moore
Bill A Nelson
Millicent E. Nelson
Patricia A. "Patsy" Nuse
Phoebe W. Payne
William Lewis "Willie" Pindell
William Lewis Pindell Sr.
Edward Lee Pine

Louise Marshall Pine
Paul Frederick Propps,Jr.
Dorothy E. Ramsburg
Lottie W. Rickel
Betty W. Riley
Patricia L. Roach
Clayton Winfield Robinson
Nora Emily Robinson
Opal Irene Bush Ronemus
Margaret Seville Rose
James E. Saville
Bobby Dennis Seal
Lucille T. Smallwood
Dorothy R. Snyder
Garland F. "Dick" Synder

Janet P. Snyder
Ann Michelle South
Patricia J. Spiess
Robert "Bob" Gibson Starkey
Francis E. Stickel
Florence "Tootie" Stocks
Margy Palmer Tarrant

Burla V Tenney
Eunice Elizabeth Bush Thorn
Bettie Jane Jackson Tomlin
Kathryn L. Trussell
Marie Trussell
George H. Ward
Betty Jane Waters
Evelyn Kelly Watson
Robert "Rob" Watson, Jr.
Ethel Louise Wean
David A. Webb
Naomi Eaton Webb
Elise Mae Webster
Gloria S. "Dodee" Wenger
Ellen E. "Vanny" Whitmore
James F. Whittington
Judith A. Whittington

Martha M. Whittington
William W. Whittington
Charles Wesley Williams

Doris Page Williams
Dr. Leah Mildred Williams
Dorothy G. "Dottie" Wilson
Jacqueline "Jac" Barbour Wilson
Calvin L. Wright


Elizabeth M. Adams

James Larry Akers

Nevada Albin